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Welcome to Caduceus Readings. My name is Roland and I have been working
with tarot divination for 7 years.
After being gifted with my own personal Rider-Waite deck, I initially began using
particular cards from the Major Arcana as visual anchors and points of
archetypal reference during intensive meditation retreats.

The story
After successful use and understanding of cards such as: The Fool (0), Strength (8) and The Moon (18), I took up the lengthy task of learning the entire system and how all 78 cards in the deck work together. I have discovered that the cards have a vitality and power that speak to feelings, thoughts, emotions and existential circumstances. The language of tarot is rich in
symbolism, numerology and col
our and often reflects the hidden tapestry of life’s journey and our personal navigation through it.

Why Tarot Reading?
The tarot can be used to offer a deeper insight into how to navigate through life’s challenges and can help us learn about the nature of others; a particular situation, or ourselves. Coming to a reading with a specific question will help provide you with alternative insights into tackling or understanding a personal situation, which may not have been considered before.

Commonly asked questions:
Can I resolve my conflict with X?
What can I do to improve my relationship with x or Y?
What obstacles are approaching in the next few months ahead?
How do I move beyond my current life situation?

I use a variety of tarot spreads and work with clients to choose that which is most suitable to their inquiry. If you wish to book a reading, please contact me at:


£40 - 30 minutes

£70 - 1 Hour

Disclaimer: My approach to tarot reading is not fortune telling based on false hopes and promises. The tarot often reflects like a mirror to a question and can show things for what they are.


To book Roland for a reading, please email:

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