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Aly Cunynghame 

Trauma-Informed Systematic Kinesiologist, Tarotpist, Spiritual Guide, Energy & Bodyworker and Spiritual Humanism Minister. 

Aly has a deep passion for supporting people in their journey of self development and remembering their wholeness. Her work is wonderfully transformative and fosters self awareness. Aly guides people into bringing the unconscious themes to light to get to the core of an issue whether it is manifesting in the mental, emotional or physical realm - in a session the relationship between all three is explored. Aly’s grounded approach is rooted in compassion, she is gifted at helping people feel seen and assisting them in identifying their needs to find expansion.


Aly explores mental health somatically and creates a safe space for repressed emotion to come to the surface for clearing to support people in connecting with the innate wisdom of their body. With a strong focus on the mind-body connection, Aly uses her gifts to help people safely come back into the body, allowing them to identify and process what needs to be addressed to gain more clarity. Aly uses her perceptive wisdom and intuitive guidance to assist people to integrate aspects of self to assist them on their healing and self-discovery journey. Above all else, Aly believes in the healing capacity of the mind, body and spirit.

Aly is a naturally gifted reader of energy and guide, highly attuned to the energy signatures of others, her ability to read other’s has been a gift since birth but has been cultivated further as she has been able to ground further into her body and work with regulating her nervous system.

Aly specialises in supporting people with nervous system regulation, stress, anxiety, fatigue, sleep issues, emotional difficulties from feeling low, out of control, numb, & overwhelm, coping mechanisms & behavior change, female hormones, menstrual health, body shame, building a better relationship with self & others, low self esteem, distorted eating, digestive issues, loss of direction & lack of joy in life, trauma recovery, spiritual & self development. 


Aly offers two types of in-person sessions.

Kinesiology: 90 minute Kinesiology session at £110. Please note: For new clients the first time session is slightly longer (approximately 2 hours) to facilitate a consultation. 

Tarot Guidance: 60 minute Tarot Reading session at £75. 

You’re encouraged to get in touch with Aly if you’re unsure about which way you’d like to work with her.


For all bookings & enquiries please contact Aly at

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