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Since childhood, movement has been a significant factor for Laura-Mai. She grew up on a farm in the hills of St. Ann, Jamaica, and ran around every day in the fresh air, playing, dancing and laughing - feeling free and strong. Incorporating the practice of yoga and breath work came naturally as her family ran a Yoga Retreat Centre in Jamaica where Laura-Mai was lucky enough to meet and interact with incredible teachers and practitioners from around the world. Laura-Mai was inspired immediately by the diverse and gentle nature of such an ancient and respected practice. 

Following years of high intensity roles, Laura-Mai realised how much she had lost her sense of childhood freedom and had become disconnected from her practice and even her own identity; she is now on a mission to challenge and inspire how we approach making changes in our lives by creating space to step into a deeper connection within. 

Laura-Mai is currently teaching in London and creating some exciting workshops and retreats which embody yoga, coaching, reflection, community and music. 

Stay tuned for workshops later this year and 2024 retreats at Madre Cocoon, Colombia. (


🌐 Laura-Mai Yoga Alliance

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