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Yo! I'm Stella, Welcome to my space.

For whatever reason you have found yourself on this page I thank you for time. 
Being your true self is one of the hardest but most rewarding things you can allow yourself to experience. 
This journey to self discovery is a bumpy ride and is riddled with discomfort, the need for self care and questions. 
I feel that self discovery is a process we go through alone but support is always available in various forms. My own self discovery had lead me down the path to want to support others through sharing my experiences, giving space for conversation and guidance. I am still (and will be for my whole life) on my journey and I am enjoying the process (though it still be tough at times).

I created this space for myself, though at first I thought it was for others. This is my space to be me and share with you the things that I enjoy.
I focus on two main concepts which have helped me and what I live my life by:

1. Care - Care for  'the self' and  care for others
2. Truth Seeking- Discovering the true self and what that means

Focusing on aspects of the Mind, Body and Soul, I aim to create a space that shows love to all aspects and promotes self care.  

I am a trainee integrative counsellor and coach and Angelic Reiki practitioner with interests in herbalism, astrology, movement and energy healing. 

Peace and Love

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