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Steph is a Crystal Therapist Master and Teacher, Reiki Master and Sound Therapist. Her combined energy work can bring light, insight, alignment and ignition to the varying energy channels of the body. Facilitating healing and expansion of the mental, emotional and spiritual planes. Steph uses a variety of techniques so it is not necessary to talk about whatever the issue or hold back may be. Steph can also perform Cord Cutting Ceremonies, give personalised Crystal Gridding workshops and help clear unserving energy in the home or office. She also sources specific crystals, teaches Crystal workshops and offers Crystal Consultations as Apothecrystal.

Please email: to book a 90-min session or for more information.


"I was soooo impressed with my treatment last night, not only did I sleep better than I have in months afterwards, but during the whole process, I really felt like I was learning about my body. Steph is not only an attentive practitioner she is also incredibly generous with her knowledge." - Lizy B

"I had a powerful crystal therapy from Steph and found it especially strong and guiding . Steph’s knowledge of crystals is truly amazing! Whether you are seeking a release from particular issue or just curious about crystals, it’s a wonderful way to find out. Thank you Steph, Gratitude xxx" - Evka L

"It was a difficult moment for me when I did the Crystal Healing session with Steph. it's not easy do describe what I felt but surely it was an incredible experience and changed my energy so much. I can't wait to do more sessions." - Francesca S


"Without grasping fully at first how the process worked, I trusted Steph and embarked on a 4 week journey with regular meetings. 
Called to be more of an active participant of the process rather than a passive receiver, the powerful tool of sound helped me to tap into my unconscious and see what was ready to be seen at this stage.  
I experienced the first 3 sessions as a build-up to something, unclear what exactly, but there was ‘something’ …the 4th and last session was the absolute crescendo, in which I unexpectedly felt that I could recognise & let go of a specific limitation, step out of it and find back to the source of my own power. Something got released and transformed from a restrictive pattern into a thread… a thread with the power to weave a new, less limiting pattern! In fact, after the last session I clearly felt in touch with the power to transform restriction into something bigger… yes, expansion took place! 
Steph facilitated this process with great understanding and applied specific techniques inviting my mind into an altered state of consciousness, to unravel what was ready to surface. " - Maria B


Drop me an email with any questions. 

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