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Stella is the owner of The Twelfth House. She is a Psycho-Spiritual practitioner using psychology, counselling, coaching, shadow work and energy healing in her work. She has a background in running a cafe and community space. She is currently studying integrative counselling and coaching and a way to hold space for clients in a safe way. Using a variety of modalities, Stella supports individuals on their journey of self discovery. 

Angelic Reiki

Stella offers Angelic Reiki. Please email: to book a session or for more information.

Angelic Reiki Testimonials:

"My Angelic Reiki session with Stella at Twelfth house left me feeling energised and calm. Her soothing, open approach put me at ease straight away. I’ve had a lot of Reiki before but this session left me in no doubts we were connecting into angelic energy. Can’t wait to do it again! Thanks Stella "


Drop me an email with any questions. 

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