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Stella is the owner of The Twelfth House. She is a Psycho-Spiritual practitioner using psychology, counselling, coaching, story telling shadow work and energy healing in her work.

 Stella enjoys using a variety of modalities, in order to support individuals on their journey of self Re-Discovery. 

Working with Stella

Angelic Reiki

Stella offers Angelic Reiki a form of energy healing through channeling energy from the Angelic Realms. 

Re-Discovery Sessions



A question we ask ourselves all too often. We are often ‘Lost’ at one time or another in our lives. 

It’s normal to feel confused as to who you are, what you like and what you want to be. 

Working with me, I can support you through your journey to self re-discovery.


Through story telling, creative expression and and Energy work, your one on one time with me, will give you the space to just be you. 

Using my skills in coaching and counselling, I will tailor your sessions in a unique way, ensuring that you get the best our of your time. 

In a confidential, non judgemental and supportive space I will aid you in re-discovering yourself and creating the life that you want to live, working towards a better mental, spiritual and emotional health. 


I have an MA in Visual Anthropology, BA in psychology and criminology, practice Angelic Reiki and is training for a Pg Dip in integrative counselling. 

Stella enjoys working with stories, dreams, dance and engaging in shadow work. (You want to go deep? I can do deep).


Angelic Reiki

£50 per hour or £30 for half an hour

Re-Discovery Sessions. 

60 per hour, with a suggested amount of 6-12. 

Discount block booking of 6 sessions is £300 -(On the basis of weekly sessions)

All sessions are 60 minutes log.

Angelic Reiki Testimonials:

"My Angelic Reiki session with Stella at Twelfth house left me feeling energised and calm. Her soothing, open approach put me at ease straight away. I’ve had a lot of Reiki before but this session left me in no doubts we were connecting into angelic energy. Can’t wait to do it again! Thanks Stella "


Drop me an email with any questions. 

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