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Transpersonal Coaching And Reiki

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Stella is a transpersonal coach, supporting you as a guide through your journey of self discovery.

The transpersonal journey, can take you through a process of understanding the self as a a part of something greater, exploring beyond the boundaries of the ego, connecting with your soul purpose and exploring the realms of the collective. 

Stella is influenced by The Hero's Journey, with you being the Hero in your story.

Is transpersonal coaching for me?

Transpersonal coaching can be good for individuals experiencing:

-Struggles with the career and wanting to do something that speaks to them.

-A desire to find their soul purpose

-Those that want a greater connection to their higher self

This style of coaching is ideal for those that want to focus on the present and the future

What to expect

The sessions are designed to suit you and your needs. They will range between 1hour and 2hours and are largely based around talking therapy.

Stella may introduce some creative based tools such as art, sound and movement, depending on your needs and desires. 

The sessions are goal focused, although a specific goal or desire does necessarily need to be clearly defined.


Eco Therapy takes the session into nature. This type of therapy is walk and talk and start and end at a Cafe. This type of therapy is great for those that enjoy being in nature and enjoying the fresh air.

Currently Stella is offering sessions at:

-Queens Wood Nature reserve- Highgate

-Epping Forest -Essex

Session fees

Sessions are £80 per hour or £400 for a 6 hour block booking

Online or face to face.

Angelic Reiki

Stella uses Angelic Reiki to support you to connect energetically with the Angelic Realms.

Angelic Reiki can offer healing space bringing a greater sense of wellbeing and connection to the self on different levels. Acting as a channel of energy, the sessions can work through emotional, physical, mental and ancestral pains and blockages. 

Stella uses influences from shamanic practice, with talking therapies, in order to work with each individual in their own unique way. 

Is Angelic Reiki with Stella good for me?

These sessions could be good for individuals that:

- Feel as through they are experiencing blockages or feelings of being stuck

-Experiencing inner conflicts

-In need of a healing and held experience

What to expect

The experience involves a blend of talking therapy and hands on energy bodywork. The Reiki will involve the individual either laying down or sitting in a chair with soft music and gentle fragrances from burning sage or Palo Santo. Stella works intuitively, connecting with the Angelic realms who guide her throughout the process. She may sometimes use crystals and burn cancles. 

The experience can be defined based on what you make of it. Having an idea of why you are coming can help you find the answers you seek. 

You may only need 1 session although 3 sessions are recommended. 

Sessions are £50 for 50 minutes.


Want to know more or to book, email:

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