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Crystal of the Month: Aventurine

Not to be confused with Jade - This Heart Chakra stone will keep you inline with abundance...

Stimulating the Heart Chakra this beautiful green Quartz variety keeps you on a level of loving trust with your intentions. When we are working with crystals as tools they can help regulate, release, ignite and amplify energy. Most of us are on the manifestation train, whether we do it as a regular ritual every New Moon or whether we do it sporadically - If you find it hard to have that trust in 'the universe', in yourself or in your intentions then Aventurine is the crystal to help clear those niggly doubts! Aventurine clears the veil of "what if?" and activates the essence of "why not!". It reinforces leadership qualities and decisiveness and assists with compassion and empathy. Balancing the Heart Chakra involves a certain 'knowing' or trust and this key green crystal solidifies a feeling of hope, safety and magic within your next moves. It can also be very useful in times of grief, re-instilling that loving trust after aspects of life feel shattered. Particularly, South American folklore suggests that Aventurine attracts abundance and wealth. On more than one occasion I have been advised to keep a tumble stone in my purse as it will make my money grow. Try creating a crystal grid with Aventurine, Citrine and Pyrite for max affect!

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