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Mental Health Tip: Grounding

What is grounding?

Grounding is a term used to help you to 'ground' yourself back into the body. Grounding helps you to focus on the now, get into the body and help to connect to your surroundings. It helps you to connect to your senses and the here and now, and to get out of your head (A place a lot of us like to spend a lot of our time!)

How can it help me?

By getting into the body, the focus moves away from the event that had caused an activation inside of you and bringing attention back to you as a whole. PTSD, traumas, spiraling thoughts and triggers take our attention away from the present moment and move our focus into past or future events. Being in this spaces can often cause panic, anxiety and depressive space.

Grounding can help to reduce anxiety, disassociation, promote mind + body connection and help with general wellbeing. It helps us to remind our mind and body that we are safe.

Research around being in the present moment or alternatively known as 'mindfulness', suggests that it presents better mental health in the individual and general feelings of feeling happier. Overall it can lead to good mental health, better relationships, a better connection to our emotions and communication and enhanced self awareness.

What can I try?

This is where you need to try what works for you. Grounding techniques can be done anywhere and anytime. We all have our preferred ways to ground ourselves. The journey through self healing is individual, so it's important to find what connects to you and your body.

Here's a few example of grounding techniques that you can try to see what works for you, perhaps switching it up depending on the situation that you find yourself.

Thinking of a story: When you catch yourself in a space that you feel you need grounding, have a story in mind, something that is your go to, to remind you of the here and now. Go through it in your head, and perhaps say it out loud. If you have a mirror, look at yourself and say the words, watching how your face and lips move.

The butterfly hug: Click here

Square Breathing: Click here

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Grounding to the earth: Click here

For anyone experiencing bad mental health and needs crisis support, check out these links.

Shout- 24 hr text message crisis service Text 85258

Samaritans 24 hr helpline Call 116123

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