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Shamanic Work with Skyfire

Introducing Elaine McGuinness, a multi-sensory hands-on healer. 

Elaine (or known by her Shamanic name Skyfire) is a contemporary shamanic practitioner, offering various healing techniques including soul retrievals, extractions (removal of energy invasions within the body), shamanic counselling and land/house clearing.

While these sessions can also be done online, we are delighted to offer them here at Twelfth House.

As well as shamanic healing, Skyfire is a certified Reiki practitioner and also performs a technique called Ilahinoor. This channel known as 'divine light' allows for the integration of the subconscious mind with the wisdom of the super-conscious in a process that enables awakening, relaxation and a deep union with the belly soul centre


To book, and to get more info on prices get in touch 

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