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Past Life Meditation

I recently visited a friend of mine that has been diagnosed with Cancer and is undergoing medical treatment. Alongside her treatment, she mentioned that she visited a healer that took her through a process of connecting to one of her past life forms. She said that she had been carrying the weight of this with her and had felt a strong sense of the energy when she visited a specific location.

This got me very interested in thinking about ways we can connect to our past life through our own meditation. I have felt a sense of my past life being a Native American from what is now California, but that was all I felt and wanted to explore it more. I felt as if I knew the land and to this day feel soo drawn to it.

I feel like this page just came to me, I'm not sure if I actually looked it up or not, but anyways, I found this page and had a read.

At first I was scared as I didn't know where I would go or what would happen, especially after watching the Netflix series 'Behind Her Eyes'. (Suspenseful. I enjoyed it)

I decided that I would do the 10 step process written in the article last night and see what would happen. At first all I could hear were noises from the house and then I decided to wear headphones and listen to white noise.

I breathed in 5 times, saying to myself ' I am protected by a powerful protective energy', imagining myself being surrounded by a protective white light.

We are then told that we should find a corridor and then a door. At first I found it very hard to find a corridor and all I could barely see were trees in a forest. There is also the not knowing of what is our imagination or what may actually be us entering a past life meditation, which can cause some conflict. I decided to go with it and eventually saw a corridor; it felt familiar like I knew it. This corridor will be used as a portal that will enable me to reach that space a lot quicker.

When I first walked through the corridor I looked at my feet (something they say to do) and I saw pointy shoes but nothing I could really make out. I looked to my right and there was a man sitting cross legged reading a newspaper. There were frames on the walls in which I could see my reflection (A distorted version of me) and the door was red with stained glass windows.

I did this step a few times until I was actually able to walk through the door and see the light. As mentioned, I have always thought that I was a Native American and this is what I saw immediately. I questioned myself, was this really my past life or was it my mind telling me that that's what I wanted to see? Anyway I decided to go with it.

What I saw

I was a young Native American man around 25 with a wife and son around 4 years old. I saw different scenes; me riding a horse through wave swept sands, through the forest and through open land. One of my rides involved me getting

shot in the shoulder with an arrow. Another scene was me in the ocean with my wife, just floating there. I didn't see anyone else apart from my wife and child and was almost as if we lived alone. I hunted a buffalo and I cooked the meat on a fire. I was playing with my son and I lived in the forest. At one point I held up my palm and tattooed on it was a circle with a triangle in the middle.

At that point I opened my eyes. This image stuck with me a I tried looking up what it meant or other symbols that were similar. I spoke to a friend of mine who lives in LA and she joked that maybe I was of the Chumash people that were from that part of the land known as Southern California.

Further exploration

I wanted to explore further, so I found a youtube video to help deepen the mediation. Youtube is actually the worst as it has many breaks in between and when doing a deep meditation like this, it's the last thing you want! But it had 4 million views so I thought I'd give it a go.

Brian Weiss 'Past Life Regression'

I smoked some of the good stuff and entered this guided meditation.

I won't go into every detail of every step, but this took me on a whole other journey. It took me deep, deep beyond anything in the world and into another energy. He asked us to remember a childhood memory. Mine took me to the date that I started my period. I saw what happened and how my mother responded to me and remembered how I felt.

He worked up to getting you to the point that you actually entered the past life vision. This time I saw a gold door in front of me that opened like a mechanical puzzle and then turned into a gold cross that helped me to enter an orthodox church. I recognised this as i've been to many Orthodox churches in my life. I looked at the 'baba' (priest) he was in front of me. I then looked at my feet and I was wearing golden pointy shoes with jewels. I looked at my clothes and it was Elizabethan or Tudor. I saw myself as looking a bit like Queen Elizabeth 1. I then felt myself being pushed down some stairs into a basement and being struck by an axe by a priest (a different priest) dressed in black. The last of my days in the world were faced down in a pool of water, floating as I'd been thrown in after my murder.

When I saw myself, I saw it as a moving picture and not as a person. It felt like I had been there before and I knew the priest by face. It was as if the priest (the first one) could feel me there but couldn't actually see me as he seemed to ignore me.

I cut the meditation off as I began to feel tiresome of the countdowns Brian was giving between each section. I felt as though I had got what I had come here for and can use this in my own meditations.

Going forward

The images I saw are still in my head. I remember what I looked like when I was told to imagine I was in the uterus or when I was filled with light or when I was going deeper and deeper. I would love to try and recreate some of these image through art and try to depict them as best as I could.

I would love to hear about your experiences of past life meditation and different techniques used to go deeper!

Stella x

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