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Trauma counsellor Kelly McDaniel helps women break the cycle of destructive behaviour by taking a hard look at childhood trauma and its lasting impact.

An endless ache to love and be loved. Periods of overeating or starving. A pattern of unstable moods and painful relationships. Sound familiar? Trauma psychotherapist Kelly McDaniel has seen these traits over and over in clients who feel trapped in cycles of harmful behaviours - and are unable to stop.

Mother Hunger destigmatizes the shame that comes with being under-mothered and misdiagnosed, and offers a healing path. You'll find out how to:

· reclaim nurturance and protection using breathing exercises, visualization, Reiki and other healing modalities
· find guidance and inspiration by creating a celestial mother
· finally break the intergenerational cycle of Mother Hunger

Discover how to demystify the causes of harmful behaviours, free yourself from limiting beliefs and find a way towards healthy habits and a positive headspace.

Mother Hunger